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Punctuality to the classes is a must.

The Attendance to the College is compulsory and to maintain minimum attendance prescribed by the College/University to appear for the Internal/ University Examinations.

Utmost care to be given to the properties of the College /Hostel during the stay in the College / Hostel.

If any damage caused to the properties of the College/Hostel the person responsible for the damage has to replace/meet the damages as instructed by the College/Hostel authorities.

The discipline is very important in the College/Hostel and the rules and regulations of the College/Hostel have to be strictly adhered.

Usage of tobacco / alcohol / drugs are strictly prohibited in the College and Hostel premises and severe action will be initiated on defaulters and dismissed from the College within no time.

Discipline and decorum shall be maintained between Girls and Boys in the College premises.

Should not involve any agitation/ragging /in-disciplinary activities during the course of study or stay in the hostel.

Involving in ragging is a criminal offence and it has been completely prohibited inside/outside the premises. If involved in ragging, as per the Government/UGC guidelines the defaulter will be dismissed from the College/Hostel immediately and a criminal case will be registered.

If any deviations in the discipline is found by the College /Hostel authorities, disciplinary action will be initiated based on the intensity of the problem up to dismissal from the College/Hostel.

The usage of mobile/cell phones has been completely prohibited in the College campus and if found, the mobile phones will be seized. Simcard only returned immediately and the handsets will be retained and returned at the end of the course.

The usage of mobile phones in the Hostel is permitted only within the prescribed time.

No political and religious activity & religious attire is permitted inside the campus.

Dress Code

The following are the details of Dress Code:

Male Student

Only formal wear is permitted inside the campus.

Formal pants only permitted and should not wear tight fits/low waist pants/dhoties and other non-formal clothes.

Whenever inside the campus tucked-in shirts is a must. Exemption for only functions or any special occasions.

Should wear formal shoes only. Shoes with pointed edge/semi formals/sports shoes are not permitted.

Should wear Belt with formal buckles.

Should wear prescribed Uniform to the College.

Hair should be shortly cut and face should be cleanly shaven whenever inside the campus.

Wearing of Ear rings/Studs/Wrist bands/Rings /Tattoos are not permitted.

Female Student

Should wear only prescribed uniform combinations of salwars

Should wear only sarees/salwars to the College on special occasions.

Should not wear tight fits/leggings/short tops/any other style of costumes.

Usage of Two-wheelers and Four-wheelers

Two wheeler rider should have valid driving license and rider & pillion rider should wear helmet

Severe action will be initiated on speedy/rash drivers and carrying more than one pillion rider on two wheelers.

Four wheeler users should have valid license and drive within the speed limit.

Parking of the vehicles are permitted at the specified parking area.

Safety of the vehicle is fully on owners risk and the College will not be held responsible for theft/damage to the vehicle.

Hostel for Woman

The right of admission to the Hostel is reserved by the Management.

The rules and regulations of Hostel should be strictly followed.

The admission to the Hostel has to be renewed from second year by submitting the prescribed application to the Hostel, on or before the date specified. Late applications will not be entertained.

If any deviations in following the rules and regulations of the hostel, permission will not be given to continue to stay in the hostel.

Hostellers are not permitted to have Two-wheelers or Four-wheelers for their usage in the campus.

The inmates are permitted to vacate the hostel at the end of the academic with due permission from the authorities.

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